general or specialized contractor ?

16 August 2019

Do you know the difference between a general contractor and a trade contractor?

What the general contractor’s license allows:

The general contractor is authorized to bid on, perform or cause to be performed the construction work included in their general contractor’s licence.

A class of General Contractor’s Licence is required for any contractor whose principal activity is to organize, coordinate, perform or cause to be performed, in whole or in part, construction work included in the 11 subclasses listed in Schedule I of the Liste des sous-catégories de licence – PDF (131 Ko)

The general contractor may, if he wishes, never carry out construction work. The general contractor may simply organize a construction site and coordinate the work performed by subcontractors, who may be either general or specialized contractors. This is the case, among others, of the real estate developer.

What the specialized contractor’s license allows:

The specialized contractor may perform or have performed work included in its subcategory or subcategories of licence for all the clients mentioned below, regardless of the type of building, installation or work involved.

A trade contractor class of licence is required for any contractor whose principal activity is to perform or cause to be performed construction work included in one of the 49 subclasses listed in Schedules II and III of the Liste des sous-catégories de licence – PDF (131 Ko) of the Contractor and Builder-Owner Qualification Regulations.

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