Being a guarantor… not a trivial thing!

11 July 2019

To have a license from the Régie du bâtiment (RBQ), you must qualify for various fields of expertise such as: administration, site safety management, project management and work execution (for general contractors). Furthermore, when you execute specific work such as electricity or plumbing, additional qualifications are needed.

If you have an RBQ license or are a guarantor on a license, your probity has been checked. In other words, your sense of honesty and justice has been analyzed.

Becoming a guarantor is therefore not a guaranteed process. Also, and most importantly, becoming an RBQ license guarantor is not offered to everyone.

What does becoming a guarantor mean?

Being a guarantor means becoming accountable for the management of business operations to the government, employees, subcontractors and clients.

BEWARE, complacent guarantors!

If you are not playing an active and constant role in the business, you cannot be a guarantor. The latter must be a full-time manager or leader working the company’s usual business hours.

You cannot use someone’s skills qualification to comply with the obligations for obtaining or maintaining an RBQ license. If you offer incentives or if someone does it for free without truly being involved in company management, this would be referred to as a nominee.

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