Permit Application and Plans and Specifications: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Work

Formateur: Teddy Robert, ing., P.Eng., LPM, president, Gestion & Projets T.R. Inc

April 13 and 20, 2023
8 am to 12 pm
564.95 $ / person
This course allows anyone with a construction, expansion or renovation project to learn about the steps to take before carrying out the work: whether it is what experts to contact, what steps to take (in particular, with the City for permit applications), or how to interpret certain documents. This stage of a project is rarely clear and can lead to wasted time for both the project leader and the experts. This course is therefore proposed to clarify this part of the project. It also enables contractors to better understand their involvement in the projects before the work is carried out, as well as the previous steps in order to better understand any problems.
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